If they don't pay rent, we'll show them the door!

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From ants, to spiders and other creepy, crawly pests, no one likes to share their home with insects and rodents. Let our experienced pest-control crew help.


Licensed by the Virginia Department of Agriculture, our exterminators are fully capable of finding and handling any pest in your home.

For every insect or rodent you see, there could be many more hiding throughout your home. United's Certified Exterminators will search for entry points inside, outside, and underneath your home.

Complete pest control:

• Fleas

• Roaches

• Ants

• Silverfish

• Ticks

• Crickets

• Fire ants

• Indian meal moths

• Hornets

• Bees

• Spiders

• Rats

• Mice

• Carpet beetles

• Yellow jackets

• Centipedes

• Moths

• Millipedes

• Earwigs

• Bed bugs

• Wasp


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