Moisture is a serious problem

Imagine what would happen if someone dumped 19 gallons of water in your living room every day.


The exposed ground under your home gives off water vapor, as much as 19 gallons a day in the average crawl space area. It rises silently and permeates the structure of your home.


It goes through wood, brick, insulation and even concrete slabs, making moisture control a serious concern for nearly all homeowners.

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In addition to causing extensive structural damage, it can: intensify allergies and respiratory problems; mildew carpets, furnishings and clothing, increases heat loss and creates sour odors in the crawl space; serves as prime breeding grounds for termites, roaches, and other destructive insects.

Stop mold before it starts

In addition to preventing structural damage, our moisture control can help reduce or prevent powerful allergens such as mold and fungus from permeating the air and walls of your home.  Through the use of the latest technology and proven techniques, we'll keep your home safe from moisture damage!


Keep in mind that most homeowner's policies don't cover mold mitigation, so it's cost-effective to make sure your home never gets mold in the first place!

Moisture control services:

  • Mold and fungus treatments
  • Sub-floor insulation
  • Auto temp vents
  • Crawlspace doors
  • Vapor barriers
  • Crawlspace fans
  • Sump pumps

Moisture Control


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