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United Pest Control can inspect attic and crawl space, we will check your insulation to see if it is up to code.


We’ll check your crawl space for leaky pipes, damaged duct work, moisture problems, rodent problems or any other problems. 

Let United keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer and pest free year round.





So call United today for a free attic and crawl space inspection, cause you never know whats in there.

United can remove old damaged insulation or replace it with new R-19 sub floor insulation to get you back up to code.

United will also inspect to see if you have bugs or rodents in your attic, most people never know until its too late when these pests start breeding in your attic, until they start working their way into your home.


Rodents cause your insulation to become riddled with droppings and urine which is filled with diseases. 


United can remove all of the contaminated insulation, disinfect the area, repair any bug or rodent openings and reinstall all new clean insulation, ALL to code.


United can also add bug killing granules to our blown attic insulation, stopping bugs from living in your attic.

If your insulation has fallen or it is not any good any more, we will find out why.

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Attic & Crawl Space Insulation

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